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OML Sync stands as a boutique Publishing & Sync brand headquartered in London, operating within a vast global network of contacts comprising agencies and supervisors. We specialize in representing one-stop music, exclusively collaborating with carefully scouted singer-songwriters to ensure they receive maximum attention. Our focus lies in specific musical genres such as pop, synth-pop, electronica, and indie folk, with numerous songs having already found placements in TV shows and films.Pamela Pagano, the founder, boasts a decade of experience in the music industry, holding a FIM Award and recently securing a Silver Telly Award in the 'Use of Music' category. As a publisher and sync representative, she has developed a distinctive approach to showcasing emerging talents through synchronization.

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"I am tasked with introducing new music to music supervisors and clients. If they possess the intuition to embrace fresh new music and are the first to incorporate it, they emerge victorious.Amidst a vast sea of catalogs, independent artists deserve my attention. I firmly believe that each artist possesses a unique sound, uncomparable to custom sound productions. While the latter may be powerful and well-recorded, they often lack the depth of soul.An artist's role extends beyond being a live performer to encompass being a recording artist and a proficient writer/producer. During my time as an artist, I dedicated myself to writing, performing, and managing my band. Recognizing the multitude of aspects demanding time, I advocate for having a publisher, an agent, and a professional manager to guide one's career.While I gained valuable insights founding a record label, a publisher's role involves maintaining partnerships with clients, staying in constant communication, globally overseeing music usage, and selecting quality music for representation. I am passionate about my work in music, particularly the 'sync' aspect, and the prospect of having songs featured in a media project. This is gratifying for both myself and the composer.Irrespective of the anticipated outcomes, believe in your endeavors. My goal is to discover new talents and provide it with the opportunity to be heard. Together, we can forge a new independent sync market."
Pamela Pagano


Presented by OML Sync as part of its commitment to championing new music,
"Girl Means Pop" compilation series, celebrate the impact and presence of women in the pop music scene.
Volume 1 is out 13th May.


'Magic in Mount Holly' directed by Candice T. Cain and produced by Gemelli Films Incorporated, features OML Sync as a music publisher. The film won a SILVER Telly Award on May 2023 in the 'Use of Music' category!


Nomination at ‘Family Emmys’ USA ’22 (Chianne's song 'NEW ME' - OML Sync publishing)


A special edition of ANDRÆ's full album 'I FEEL IN FOUR DIMENSIONS', is available in Korea and throughout the Asian digital market from Dec 1st.
The artist was chosen as the first artist representing the collaboration between OML Sync and the number 1 sync agency in Korea LEEway.
독특한 무드로 리스너를 사로잡는 프로듀서 “ANDRÆ”, 국내 스페셜 에디션 [I feel in four dimensions] 발매


'The Blending of Senses' is now available on Sky Arte TV. The doc explores the phenomenon of synesthesia and how it manifests in artistic performance by BSP. OML Sync (Music supervision)

'Hearts and Beats' by Spencer Flay is present in the TV Series 'May I help You?' The song appears on UP Vol.1 (Flipper Music/OML Sync)

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Guidelines for Submitting Music to OML Sync
Eligibility: Works without an existing publishing or administration deal are welcome.
Exclusivity: We can only consider tracks that are 100% free of publishing rights globally.
Ownership: The original composers retain ownership of their works. We obtain exclusive rights for sync representation and publishing during the agreement's term.
Licensing Terms: Tracks may be licensed for global use throughout the agreement's term, continuing even after its expiration for the specified projects.
Composer Registration: The composer and co-writers must be registered with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) for royalty collection during public broadcasts or performances.
Compensation: 50% of sync fees for successful placements will be directly remitted to artist/composer, or in the case of specific TV licenses, through collecting society networks.
Submission Requirements: Ensure each song includes metadata and contact details. Please, provide the PRO name, author/composer names, project name, and country.
Instrumental Versions, cover art and lyrics.
Repertoire Size: Regardless of follower count, we champion emerging artists globally. Consider expanding your agreement with more works for increased representation opportunities.
Active Participation: Embrace your role as an active artist and producer in this collaborative journey. Your contribution matters to us!"


Supervisors-Clients: we have pre-cleared all our music for immediate use. To confirm your intended usage, send an email to [email protected] and make your offer.Artists: for general enquires use the form below. To submit music use the Disco inbox.Thank you!

Privacy Policy: we comply any data held by us is only typically name, artist name, email, phone number, address, photo and logos - necessary for us to contact you or to work with. If you have any issues or object to us holding your data and would like us to delete it, please email.

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